My sweet young girl,
I wish you knew
There are closet-monsters
That haunt me too.

As you call to me
Scared in your bed
Wondering if that shadow
Is a monster instead,

I want to tell you
That I know your fear.
I too have worried
About all that is dear.

My monster is dressed
In a suit of “what if”s,
And his creepy noises
Can scare me stiff.

He whispers “what if”s
About all that I love.
About all of my hopes.
About all I’ve dreamed of.

Scared in the covers
By all he has said
I focus my thoughts
On “what is” instead.

So rest on your mommy.
I’ll hold you to sleep.
I’ll check in your closet
And under the sheets.

I will reassure you
No monsters are here,
But know that I too
Am acquainted with fear.

As you snuggle tight
In the nook of my shoulder
Watching you sleep
Helps mommy feel bolder.

**Written in the pause between two patients in my palliative care clinic, the day after a night up with my scared 3 year old.

Danielle Chammas, MD (@ChammasDani)

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