A Wish To End Where We Begin

Poetry Submission

A Wish to End Where We Begin

Through my toddler’s eyes,
The very best part of a package is the paper it is wrapped in,
The most wondrous discovery at the museum is the dried leaves that scatter the sidewalk in front of the entrance,
The best route from A to B is not ever a straight line,
And sometimes one handful of sand can hold more treasures than every structure on the playground.

One day, when I near my own death,
When I feel the constraints of time,
When I feel the constraints of space,
When I feel the constraints of a failing body or mind,
Perhaps this is just the magic I hope to rediscover.

The wondrous tingle that comes from a gentle head scratch,
The floating release of a good laugh,
The deep comfort of a body breathing in sync with your own,
Losing one’s self in the journey through a piece of music.

To rediscover what my eyes naturally knew to see at the very beginning: all of the wonders that can hide in a moment.


Danielle Chammas, MD (@ChammasDani)


9 thoughts on “A Wish To End Where We Begin”

  1. So beautiful and so true. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is amazingly simple yet mature, I can very much relate.


  2. What a beautiful message – how simplicity and love of the moment gets so lost in our head, the baggage we accumulate as we trudge life’s path only to reach the end and long for the beginning.


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